Fall Wedding Trends

As fall is hinting her arrival and summer still shines in the bright afternoon, we begin to look forward to another season of inspiration!  Here are a few tips and trends to get you ready for your fall wedding or special event.

Fall Color Trends
A moody range of plum and burgundy are leading the way in wedding color schemes. Pastel and neutral accents are still the most popular complementary colors, but those preppy spring hues have a veil of frost over them. Blue is more misty, blush is more iced over and crisp white is replaced with ivory to create a deeper Victorian palette. The dark hues are reminiscent of the naturally changing surroundings, while the weathered pastels add just a touch of romance.

Left: Vienna Glenn Photography; Top Right: Emily Delamater Photography; Bottom Right: Michelle Lange Photography


Fall Cake Trends
Humble tiers and topper-less cakes have officially arrived for the season. Rather than adorning cakes with fondant designs or sugar flowers, couples are opting for a clean, textured look, dressed up with small bunches of blooms or greenery. There’s even a new version of the naked cake that’s taking over the scene: translucent cakes. Instead of totally bare tiers, translucent cakes have a thin veil of frosting with just a bit of the cake showing through. Dress it up with flavorful drizzles of caramel or ganache. As for the size of the wedding cake, it’s shrinking—couples still hold stock in the classic notion of cutting the cake, but they’re supplementing it with fun, unique treat alternatives come dessert time.

Top Left: Best Photography; Bottom Left: Justin & Mary Photography; Right: Willow Noavi Photography


Fall Flower Trends
Freshly picked, wild-looking bouquets are still reigning in the land of florals. The hottest stem? Wine-colored dahlias. For tabletops, arrangements are looking more green and leafy—think: succulents, eucalyptus, wheat greens, acacia and bay leaf branches. Additionally, rather than blooms, pops of color are provided by berries like Brazilian pepper berries, hypericum berry sprays or raspberries.

Left: Chudleigh Weddings; Top Right: Nicole Haley Photography; Bottom Right: Rebekah J. Murray Photography


Fall Reception Trends
Bring your décor to new heights—literally. The space between the tabletops and ceiling is really being taken advantage of. After all, if you can’t build additional square footage onto your reception space, build up! If your wedding theme is more formal, go for tall candles and ornate candelabras. If you want to keep things rustic and natural, bring the outdoors in with leaf-adorned branches. (Bonus: The beautiful changing colors in the leaves act as their own décor.)

Top Left: Cappy Hotchkiss Photography; Bottom Left: Onelove Photograhy; Right: Chudleigh Weddings


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