To Lori Rabon; General Manager of the Nassau Inn

Natural Leaders: Leaders influence, mold, and encourage others. For my years working for and along side Lori Rabon it is no wonder she is the 2011 Business Leader of the Year by the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce. This is a well-deserved award for a person regarded as a natural, dedicated and hard working leader. I am honored and very proud to know and support Lori Rabon: a natural leader.

Congratulations, Lori!

Frank A. O’Reilly; Director of Operations

I was hired in the early 90’s as the manager for Palmer’s Restaurant. Since I was new to the area and having experience only in a full service restaurant, I was most fortunate to meet Lori when she was the Assistant Controller. I knew then that she had a wealth of knowledge and great leadership skills and was willing to share her experiences with me.

Lori was a great leader back then and showed she was capable of much more. It was a great day when Lori became our General Manager: the hotel and employees have never been in better hands. It will always be my pleasure to serve her and watch this great establishment grow under the leadership and passion Lori has for this property.

Jim Byrnes; Director of Food and Beverage

I have had the great honor of working with Lori Rabon for the past 18 years. She has been an incredible mentor to me both professionally and personally. The passion that Lori has for her “home”, the Nassau Inn, is contagious and unmeasured.

Lori has managed to raise a family of five children while simultaneously increasing the success of the Inn. This effortless focus and constant energy in the community has earned her this great honor of a true business leader.

Congratulations, Lori!

Mariela Blanco; Director of Sales and Revenue

Leadership personified: This is the first phrase that comes to mind when asked to describe Lori Rabon.
It is truly a rare blessing that someone will come into your life and have a truly profound effect on the rest of it. Yet when I met Lori Rabon six years ago, that is exactly what happened. There is no measure to all that I have learned in her presence, there is no way to quantify my gratitude or put into words all that I have personally and professionally gained in my time with Lori.

It is no surprise that the one I have learned so much from, stood in admiration of and am forever appreciative to, has been named Business Leader of the Year. Lori Rabon is most deserving and I hope that our tireless leader will take a moment to reflect on all of her great many accomplishments. It has been a true honor and pleasure to work for and alongside Lori Rabon.

Congratulations to you Lori, it is well earned and I am proud to be a part of your team.

Nick Ballas; Director of Rooms