Holiday Planning Tips

The holiday party: a great time to get employees and colleagues together in a casual, convivial, and festive setting away from the workplace.  Here are some insider tips to think about when planning your event!

  • When you know about how many people will be attending your party, it’s time to establish a budget. Spelling this out sooner rather than later makes it easier to define (along with your guest list) the scale of your gala, the setting, and what sorts of bells-and-whistles you’re able to secure
  • Think about your group and decide the flow of the evening– would your group enjoy more of a reception style event or formal sit-down dinner?  This will help in determining what location may work best for the group.
  • Don’t forget to include place cards if you plan to do a sit-down dinner w/ entrée selections noted on the cards.
  • Tab Bar or Open Bar? Always a tough call to make – best recommendation is think about your group and company – if your group enjoys evening beverages then it may save the company money to go ahead and offer an open bar (paying a set fee ahead of the event), if you’re unsure it may be recommended to do a tab bar
  • Selecting entertainment for your party’s easiest if you ask around for what your guests would most enjoy: No sense shelling out for something nobody’s all that into. Whether a DJ, a live band, or some other performer, you’ll obviously want to coordinate with the venue to make sure your desired entertainment jibes with the space and the available technology.